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Lessons to learn from an Allowance

There are many ideas about allowance.  Some parents refuse to give kids an allowance because they are supposed to provide for the kids. Other parents just give a weekly amount of money for the kid to spend. Others will give money for work—sometimes extra work or work that is already expected of them (making bed, […]

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social media

Social Media — Don’t Believe the Lies

It all started at college orientation. We newbies were sitting in the media lab going over new student information, when our guide mentioned something off course. He pulls up a website called Facebook. He says, “You have to register for this! It’s new and just for college students, so you can connect with others across […]

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Laundry Hacks for This Mother’s Sanity

Laundry. Enter the bane of my existence. It is the chore that I have always dreaded the most. Let’s face it, the satisfaction of a job well done lasts maybe until bedtime (when yet more clothes go in the hamper or dirty clothes bin) and the job is no longer “finished”. I like to accomplish […]

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Sharing Mi Familia

¡Señoras y Señores, buenas tardes, buenas noches! I’m bursting with excitement to share this upcoming month of Hispanic Heritage Month! I am of Mexican-Guatemalan descent and a first generation American. I love being able to share glimpses into mi familia, so it’s obvious this month fills me with joy. Here is the history and a few […]

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Finding the Perfect Family Photographer–Part 1

We are thrilled to partner with Alyson Lolli Photography for this sponsored post.School started, sports are in full swing, and the holidays are approaching quickly. But that sinking realization just hit – you need updated family photos… yesterday!  No problem, you’ll just post to your favorite local mom social media group and ask for recommendations. […]

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Never Look at 9/11 Same Again

Why I’ll Never Look at 9/11 The Same Again

Where were you on September 11th, 2001 around 9 am? I was in high school at home room in the cafeteria when one of the teachers walked through the door and said, “We’re under attack.” The remainder of the day was spent watching the news in various classrooms, taking in the magnitude of 9/11. It […]

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